An engine that does not start when selling a vehicle in Timor Leste is a day that starts badly. In order not to be impotent, there are certain reflexes to adopt. First, check out the main points that may cause the startup malfunction.

Car that does not start: what are the causes?

The first reflex is to think about the battery, check if the lights turn on properly when you turn the key into the ignition. If everything turns on properly, and your headlights are working at full power, it is certainly not the battery.

What to do when the battery is involved?

In this case, start the car using the battery of another vehicle through crocodile clips. This other vehicle must have the engine turned off.

When the car is started, remove the crocodile clips always through the negative terminal, the metal part, then the positive terminal. If your battery is completely out of order, this operation may not be successful.

Other causes of start-up malfunction when buying a vehicle in Timor Leste

However, there may be other causes of the malfunction of starting when buying a vehicle in Timor Leste:

You can also opt for the stroller technique. On a slope or with the help of someone, move the car at a sufficient speed to start in second gear. Do not forget to buy and sell your car at