The risk of getting scammed when you’re a car seller has become more and more common today because of the development of internet and the arrival of new way of sales. Indeed, many techniques more or less known are used by unscrupulous buyers. enlighten you about the most common pratices and gives you some tips to avoid falling into the trap.

Everybody knows that it is really common in the used car business to get scammed, no matter you’re a buyer or a seller. The used car market has become very active, especially in emerging countries as Solomons Island where it’s less expensive and more practical than buying a new car. Furthermore, internet has accelarated the process by the dematerialization of exchanges and the growth of social medias.

The fake bank draft 

It’s a classic scam, the buyer gives you a fake bank draft and then, he leaves with your car. The draft is boxed but your bank checks it a few weeks after and realises that it’s a fake one. Finally, you lose both: your car and your money.

Solution? Check the bank of the buyer by giving us a call before letting your car. Find contacts yourself because those which are writting on the cheque may be fake too.

The fake bank transfer

Two possibilities may exist:

Solution? avoid bank transfer unless you’re sure of its origins and if you can check it. 

The payment is higher than the value of your vehicle

The buyer claims that he owns a former cheque whose value is higher and asks you to pay the difference or to repay a transporter who will come to pick up the car. You can lost the difference in this two options: fake cheque or imaginary transporter.

Solution? Never accept a payment higher than the value of your vehicle. Keep in mind that a bank draft can be used only one time because the name of the beneficiary can’t be changed.